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alternative names:
davidteideaudiovisual.com mail.davidteideaudiovisual.com www.davidteideaudiovisual.com

Last check: 18 / 07 / 2024 (16:50)

  • Status: Valid

A valid SSL certificate status certifies that the website you’re accessing is who he says. The issue of a certificate is a careful process in which the parties have to provide numerous documents and important data to validate their identity.

  • Algorithm: SHA256 with RSA
  • RSA key: RSA 2048 bits (exponent is 65537)
  • Validity: 15 / 10 / 2024

Remember: Make sure that he addresses you access is preceded by https: // (the final -s is the part that takes on the character of added security) and a padlock icon ( ) Is adjacent or within the address bar.

Not only to assure that the address you are accessing is a real, safe and legitimate website (property of their owners and are not fakes that could lead to data theft), you will also have the assurance that the data shared between your browser and website encoded, resulting unreadable if they were observed by third parties.

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Why is it important SSL or HTTPS security?

Thanks to SSL communication we can ensure that communication between the user's computer and the server is sent encrypted over the Internet. Thus, we can ensure that the data can not be seen by external agent.

This is especially relevant in the case of sites where you send sensitive information, such as passwords, email addresses, bank details and any other information that could compromise your safety or your privacy.

Si eres proveedor de servicios online o dispones de un sitio online para tus clientes, es importante que dispongas de un certificado SSL para todos tus servicios. Si necesitas uno, continúa a nuestra sección SSL